As a cost-cutting alternative to original scoring I find and customize music, drawing from my own library of hundreds of tracks, written by me and other composers with whom I work; from the Public Domain—everything written before 1927, as we speak; and other sources. I also produce song covers and sound-alikes.

I’m always happy to talk with producers, writers, directors, editors, etc., discuss their particular music needs, and offer my POV about possible options. Feel free to contact me: or 617-270-4646.

Meanwhile, some examples:

Customized library scores:
Dell :60 Web Spot, Arnold
AT&T. :30 sequence of 7 library cuts
Reebok :45 Web spot, Animal
National Baseball Hall of Fame, brandcontent

Public Domain:
Schutz – Mass State Lottery
Fauré – Venice Beach
Brothers Pistov – Feel Good

Hood “Best of My Love”, The Emotions
JC Penney “Bye Baby”, Fats Domino